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4th Project Kasaligan Foundation Day

This year our Micro Finance team has decided to celebrate its 4th Foundation Day at Word of Life Seaside Bible Camp which was participated by 13 centers from low to middle income entrepreneurs. We were entertained by different folk dance presentations prepared by the mothers and the judges were actually impressed how many of them has meticulously coordinated their costumes. The mothers were also amused in playing different games such as ring relay, egg pass, and giant beach volleyball which they have never experienced before. Certainly, it was a day that they all cherished and enjoyed. This year our best center was awarded to Center 8 in barangay San Isidro. Their center chief, Ms. Wilma Radoc correspondingly won the best center chief of the year award. Our President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Alberto Bigcas rendered a short inspirational speech which encouraged the mothers to just “keep on going and never lose courage.” Our micro finance project has truly come a long way since it was launched in 2011, we have grown exponentially and we are always grateful to our founder, Mr. and    Mrs. Keith Hooper, for sharing their mission in providing opportunities to uplift the lives of Filipino families through this micro finance project.

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