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Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits!

One of our goals with our nutrition program is to provide a relatively low cost source of animal protein. Because of limited space, we encourage back yard gardening and raising small animals. Native free-range chickens are the animals of choice because they are easy to care for and can be slaughtered and consumed without any special requirements like refrigeration. We are also testing the feasibility of utilizing rabbits in a similar manner.

In 2012, 2nd year architecture students at Kansas State University assisted the foundation by designing rabbit hutches that could possibly be used in the Philippines. The hutch had to practical, functional, and constructed from raw materials readily available in the Philippines (bamboo, abaca, etc). Eighteen designs were submitted and the foundation chose two designs to build.

Since rabbit is not a meat of choice in the Philippines, our training center staff will be providing cooking classes to demonstrate how rabbits meat can be substituted for pork, beef or chicken in preparing the delicious Filipino cuisine.

It is a great project and our thanks go to KSU Professor Katrina Lewis and the Architecture Design Class.


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