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August 2013 Newsletter

Message From The Founders

aThe past 6 months has been an exciting time for the HELP Foundation. We have almost reached our goal of sponsoring 300 children in school; we have surpassed our goal in providing loans to the poor; we have drilled a water well that will help hundreds of people receive potable water; we have expanded our training center which will provide training to poor women to assist them in becoming “mini- entrepreneurs”; we have reached out to the extremely poor in providing them with food for their families and we continue to provide goats to poor rural families. None of this could have been accomplished without your generous help and I thank you for that. You know that there are hundreds of countries throughout the world who are the “have nots” that need help from the “haves”. Unfortunately, so much of the money we give to emerging nations somehow never reaches the people in need. I can assure you that every dollar you donate to the HELP Foundation goes directly to one of our projects. My wife and I cover all of the administrative costs associated with the foundation. As an example, we ship thousands of vitamins, soaps, shampoos, remnants of material, gifts for sponsored children, etc. etc. That is part of our contribution to the HELP Foundation as well as our time and efforts in helping the poor. Your support has been magnificent and you have given hope to literally hundreds of poor Filipinos.

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