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Bayong Makers

Date Posted: June 19, 2015
Babo.jpg Libton “Babo” Mandoc
Libton is commonly known as “Babo” or Aunt in her community. When her husband died in a vehicular accident she was left to support her 10 children. The income she earned from weaving baskets is not sufficient to provide the basic needs of her family and therefore she decided to venture into various home-based business such as selling firewood, buy and sell Ready-to-Wear (RTW) apparels, planted her own vegetable garden, and also worked as rice/corn harvester. While she was able to send her children to high school none of them pursued college level due to financial limitation. Her only hope now is for her youngest son to graduate and finish his degree in Public Administration. Babo is the trainer and leader in this group of weavers and constantly reminds her members the importance of quality which leads to customer loyalty. She is very thankful to all the individuals who patronize their product and words cannot describe how grateful she is to HELP Foundation for this wonderful opportunity to help elevate their means of living and eventually escape poverty.
Bidori.jpg Bidori “Bidor” Anton Mando
Growing up in a Muslim household she was never used to making her own decisions. She was 21 years old when her husband’s siblings considered her to be his wife. It was on her wedding day when she first met her husband and instantly fell in-love with him. She admires him because he is a good husband, hardworking, and does not smoke nor drink alcohol. Two of their 4 children were able to attend college but due to financial difficulties they were not able to finish their degree. When she is not weaving she works as rice harvester and earns 100 to 150 pesos ($2-$4) a day. Bidor is sincerely grateful to the people out there who buys their handmade bayongs and most especially to Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hooper who diligently promote their product.
Liling.jpg Liling Cabasaran
Liling first trained basket weaving with Babo in 2012. She never finished school and got married when she was 24 years old. Like the others it was her father who decided whom she will marry and once the decision is final nobody is allowed to refuse. Married life was never easy, to help her husband sustain their 6 children she works as corn harvester and earn 12 pesos or 11 cents per one sack of corn harvested. They have to do different jobs all year round to be able to support and send all children to school. She is very happy for this remarkable opportunity to work with the weavers and she hopes that one day she will have the chance to meet the wonderful people who supported their livelihood project.
Pizu-and-Zobira.jpg Pizunuran “Pizu” Tantos
Pizu is the mother of Zobira, a little girl who was found to be severely malnourished, and through the assistance of HELP Foundation health workers, Zobira who was 2 years old then was provided with immediate rehabilitation needs. It took us 2 long years to finally see her walk and talk. Zobira is 12 years old now, a 4th grade elementary student. Life is never easy for Pizu, she never attended school due to the long distance between her house and school and their only means of transportation is walking. She works several jobs as harvester, gardener, and weaver to help her physically impaired husband support their family. She wanted to give her children a good life and hope that one day she will see them finish college and get a decent job. Pizu is most thankful to HELP Foundation for giving her daughter a second chance to life. Her dream is for her to finish school and marry the man she loves.
Anisah.jpg Anisah M. Naga
The name Anisah in Muslim means a good friend or a friendly person. Anisah has been weaving bayongs since this project started in Kalilangan, Bukidnon last 2011. To help her husband provide for their 6 children, Anisah works as a Barangay (village) Health Worker and earns an income of 1,000 pesos or $ 22 every month. Her responsibilities as BHW include distribution of free vitamins, conducts survey in the community, and assists midwives at the health center. Her children is her inspiration to work harder and wishes for them to finish their college degree.

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