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Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Message from the Founder

paterna-hooperHappy Holidays from the Philippines. Christmas is a special time here.  The season starts in early November. Stores play Christmas Carols from opening to closing. Christmas trees of many different colors are the centerpieces of most of the stores. Caroling starts December 1 and will continue until the end of the month. It’s a little bit different than in the States because the children Carolers sing and sing and sing until they receive a monetary gift from the residents. If one is extremely generous, the Carolers will return on numerous occasions! Nine days before Christmas, the Novena begins with daily Mass starting at 4 AM. After the community Mass Christmas music from the church bell tower saturates the community. It is a beautiful time in the Philippines and I think that maybe many years ago, we in the US followed some of the same traditions.

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