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Community Health Outreach Program in Lantud

Date Posted: December 11, 2015

Quick facts on Lantud:

  • 22 kilometers away from the town of Talakag Bukidnon.
  • Approximately has a population of 2,472 people.
  • Rank 9th on malnutrition in Talakag.
  • One of the poorest and underdeveloped municipality.

The HELP FOUNDATION staff and volunteers conducted a Community Health Outreach program in Lantud which was participated by 87 malnourished preschool children and 32 mothers. The children were provided with fortified with vitamins food packets. During the health classes we discussed with them the importance of good health, proper hygiene, causes of malnutrition and how children acquire human parasitic worms. The children were taught proper hand washing and proper brushing of teeth. We also distributed food packets and one month supply of chewable vitamins. With the assistance of Ms. Juliet Dimdim, the Barangay Nutritional Scholar, the weight of the identified malnourished children will be monitored on a monthly basis. The mothers expressed their gratitude for giving their community an opportunity to be part of our outreach program and imparting knowledge about good health.

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