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January 2013 Newsletter

Message From The Founders

aOur dear friends and supporters. Your support for The HELP Foundation over the past eight years has ce- mented a “partnership” of which we are extremely proud. Your trust in, and commitment to our vision to help a very special group of people who cannot help themselves because of extreme poverty is unparalleled. We don’t spend money on advertising, promotions, etc; we spend money on helping the poor – 100% of your donations goes to our projects. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is used for administrative expenses in the U.S.  We think that is one reason why we are successful. Let us talk just a bit about prayer. It works!! Let us give you an example. We had a massive typhoon (Pablo) that hit Talakag on December 4, 2012. All services were disrupted.  In addition, damage to all power, communications, and roads, the municipal water system was destroyed.  It became obvious to us that we needed a “deep well” to insure that we had a potable wa- ter source. Without the necessary funding, we committed to drilling a “deep well” and asked for help from the “Almighty”.  Just two days later without any solicitation, we received word that almost $15,000 was donated to the foundation for use in “helping the poor”. So tell us that the “power of prayer” doesn’t work!! We have some very aggressive plans for 2013. We are reducing the number of goats in our projects and starting a swine operation. So now you can adopt a pig and name it after your fa- vorite person! We are also expanding our training center, thanks to the generous donation of Carol Brown. Training is the “lifeblood” of what we are doing in the Philippines. Additionally, our goal is to add 6 more “loan centers” for Project Kasaligan which will make us self -sufficient as a “micro-lending institution”. AND then there is the “rabbit project”!! Second year architectural students  at Kansas State University designed “rabbit hutches” and we are going to test their designs here in the Philippines. However, one of our main concerns is the devastation delivered to Mindanao by Typhoon Pablo. This is the first time in 100 years that a typhoon has hit our area but the Philippines is prone to three or four major disasters yearly where thousands lose everything including their lives. At pre- sent we are working with two organizations – Stop Hunger Now and Rotary Clubs here and in the states to develop a “locally stocked food bank” to provide immediate assistance to those affected by the natural disaster. Our goal is to have several thousand meals on hand to be disbursed by Rotarians once a disaster strikes. This is only in the planning stages but we hope that on our next newsletter, we can provide a positive report.

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