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March 2014 Newsletter

Message From The Founders

aThe past 6 months has been a period of unprecedented “highs” but also a period of unprecedented “lows” in our efforts to help the poor in the Philippines. In Bukidnon (Mindanao) where our headquarters is located, thanks to your donations, we drilled a water well and provided literally hundreds of local residents access to potable water. We also initiated a swine project that will supply much needed meat to poor families. We completed the upgrade of our training center which gives us the capability to provide livelihood training classes to poor women. Our Micro-credit program continues to reach out to poor mothers and provides them loans for their small businesses. There was reason for jubilation because of our successes. But on October 16, 2013, a massive earthquake (7.2 magnitude) hit Bohol and on November 8, 2013, the largest typhoon ever recorded hit the middle of the Philippines. The devastation from these two “acts of nature” was unimaginable. The residents lost everything including the lives of many of their loved ones. We, the HELP Foundation, refocused our efforts on typhoon recovery. I was able to raise over $28,000 to help in the recovery. These funds were spent on food, building materials, medicine, medical supplies, birthing clinics, and educational supplies for the affected children. There are many other organizations who are helping but because of our connections with Rotary Clubs in the area we were able to provide immediate help to those affected by the disaster. We will continue to raise funds for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan as well as our traditional projects of literacy, livelihood, health, micro-credit, and animal husbandry.
As a side note, we have befriended Robin Lim, a CNN Hero, who is providing a birthing facility in the typhoon torn island of Leyte. She operates with literally no capital –only prayers –and her organization delivers 100+ babies/week in the typhoon devastated area. If you would like to donate to her cause, send the donation to HELP Foundation and I will make sure that she receives every dollar donated to her worthy cause. Please put in the check memo– Robin Lim.

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