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Mark Volans

Hello my name is Mark Volans. As a self-employed Englishman living for the last 20 years in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, I became aware of the ‘HELP Foundation’ through business colleagues. Having planned a vacation to the Philippine Islands, I decided to embark on a fact finding mission to visit the home of the Foundation in Talakag, Bukidnon. From meeting the charismatic founder Mr. Keith Hooper I was taken to the mountains of Mindanao where I was given an all access pass to the operation and its incredible staff. Being a businessman, I concentrated on their micro-credited operation – Project Kasaligan. The focus is on empowering under privileged women, helping them establish local businesses and in achieving a successful positive way of life. Each and every dime of donations received goes directly to that goal. Furthermore, I have never seen so many happy and thankful recipients as I did during my visit. During their 5th Annual foundation Day, I was honored to be included in the celebration along with the town’s mayor. My experience here has left me with a big smile, a happy heart, and a commitment to support the HELP Foundation in any way possible. I hope you will too!!”

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