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Newly trained bayong makers

geronima-fausto-4Geronima Fausto

Geronima is a member of the Indigenous People Association in Talakag Bukidnon who is determined to learn and engage into different livelihood projects offered by the foundation. She has six children and four of them were not able to finish high school due to financial limitation. Her only hope to earn a college degree is her 5th son who is a third year student taking up Business Administration and a beneficiary of the HELP Foundation’s college scholarship program. When she is not weaving, she works as a gardener to help her husband support their family.

img_4438Elenith Amper

Elenith is a mother of 7 children and a beneficiary of HELP Foundation’s micro loan project. She and her husband work hard to support their growing family. She owns an in-house mini variety store while her husband is doing different odd jobs at the public transportation terminal. Elineth is one of the skilled weavers who attended our training in bayong making conducted by Babo from Kalilangan Bukidnon. Every Friday, Elenith would deliver her finish product to our livelihood center and she is very thankful to HELP Foundation for this opportunity to earn additional income.

mona Mona Mascara

Mona is a micro loan beneficiary of HELP Foundation since 2014. She owns a small stall in the public market where she sells rubber sandals, slippers, school supplies, and other personal items. Her husband is a construction worker and both of them strive hard to send all 6 children to school. With much pride and joy she shared that one of her daughters, an honor student, graduated in 2015 with a degree in nursing and recently passed the nursing board exam. Next year she is looking forward for her fourth daughter to graduate with a degree in International Relations. She is very thankful to the people who continue to support this livelihood project and most especially to Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hooper who shared their blessings to the low-income families in Talakag Bukidnon.

laura Laura Sulatan

A mother of 7 children who lives in a small village called Cosina. She is known in her community of her skill in weaving sleeping mats. Laura earns $20-$25 every month from gardening and mat weaving, which is not enough to sustain the basic needs of her family. She is thankful when she was first introduced to bayong making which help augment her income. To maximize the extra straps from the bayongs, she also makes colorful flower planters ideal for indoor use. Laura is a micro loan beneficiary of HELP Foundation and maintains a good credit record.

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