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Outreach feeding program in the village of Baylanan

The HELP Foundation staff, in cooperation with the Department of Health, conducted a one-time outreach feeding program in barangay Baylanan which comprised of 250 families and located 37 kilometers from the town of Talakag. The villagers depend on vegetable farming as their means of livelihood. Baylanan is one of the poorest barangays in the municipality. During the feeding program the mothers were encouraged to join the health classes on good health, proper hand washing, and malnutrition. To add fun to the activity they were presented with dance movements on hand washing and demonstration on proper brushing of teeth. A total of 49 underweight malnourished children were identified, 6 are found to be severely underweight. These children were provided with chewable multivitamins good for 3 months, fortified powdered milk and the Department of Health Hygiene Kit. This feeding program is still on-going and every end of the month our health workers evaluate the children to find out if their nutritional status has improved.


Food still hot but they can’t wait to taste their meal.


Cooked food packets distributed to children by a resident volunteer during the feeding session.

DSC_0444 - Copy

Children were happy upon receiving their notebooks.

DSC_0508 - Copy - Copy

Inside these green bags are personal hygiene kit, slippers, multivitamins and notebook.

DSC_0400 - Copy - Copy

This child carried her younger malnourished brother while waiting for their meal.

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