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Sponsored students with their family

These are just among the few of our sponsored students with their respective families of the HELP Foundation. Our heartfelt gratitude to the Sponsors of these children for your generosity and kindness.

Bersabal Family

Kevin Bersabal with his grandmother Lorenza Bersabal.

Bryant Talampas with his father Ramer Talampas, mother Arlene Talampas and siblings.

Kenneth Pimentel with his father Randy Pimentel, mother Charlyn Pimentel and siblings.

Jessie Ryan Luardo (right) with his mother Evangeline Luardo and siblings

Marc Lawrence Fallega with his mother Catherine and his younger brother.

Mark Anthony Rajas with his father Edgar Rajas, mother Maylen Rajas and siblings.

Lowiejie Lamonggay (3rd from left) with his mother Mirasol and siblings.

Charl Lea Dinaga with her mother Hermie and siblings.

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