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Summer 2012 Newsletter

Message From The Founder

Summer Newsletter 2012The past six months have taken my wife and me on an absolutely amazing journey. I was very skeptical about taking on another major project to serve as District Governor of Rotary because my efforts are focused on our work in the Philippines. However, it turned out to be a win-win situation because of the wonderful people in the Rotary organization and the outreach that they have with 1.2 million members in 240 countries. The goals and vision of HELP mirror those of Rotary; literacy, livelihood, health, sanitation, and peace building. HELP Foundation continues to pursue its vision through school sponsorship, building libraries, after-school programs, feeding programs for malnourished children, agricultural programs, livelihood training and maternal and child health education. However, there is one endeavor that could empower families, especially women, to take care of their own families; that is the beauty of micro-credit – providing small loans ($50 – $200) to extremely poor women so that they can start their own small business. Rotary International has given me the opportunity to confer with such noted experts as Dr. Yunus and we have patterned a micro-credit operation Project Kasaligan- Project Trustworthy and have trained a staff by following his Grameen Banking Model. Dr. Yunus has over 8,000,000 borrowers and we now have more than 80 borrowers but one has to start somewhere! I will tell you that our success in loan repayment is 97% and we are adding 30 borrowers/month. Please be assured that your support is positively influencing the lives of literally hundreds of poor people in the Philippines.

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