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Summer 2016 Newsletter


Message from the Founder

Keith Hooper

         Keith W. Hooper

This will be my 28th “Message from the Founder”.  When my wife and I started this journey, I had no idea where it would lead us.  We wanted to do something for the poor in the Philippines but someone once told me to “Be careful what you wish for”!  After 14 years, The Help Foundation has grown into a major player in alleviating poverty among the extremely poor in Talakag, Bukidnon, and other areas in the Philippines.  We take little credit for this.  The credit belongs to you, the donors and supporters of the foundation. Success stories abound with your annual generosity.  300 students sponsored by you – $51,000+; Feeding and Health – $5,000; Agricultural projects – $15,000+; Microloans – $ 70,000; Livelihood projects – $5,000; Special Projects (water well, library, computer based learning, etc)$20,000. Many of you have sponsored students from grade 1 through high school and then requested another student to sponsor. One couple sponsors the schooling of 30 children! Thank you! However, the funds for nutritional programs, microloans, agricultural and livelihood projects must come from general donations. You have risen to the occasion. A pharmacist in Kansas has donated over 1,000,000 children’s vitamin pills; 5 farmers have donated several thousand bushels of milo, wheat, and soybeans!  Rotary clubs in Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, and California and individual Rotarians have donated significant funds for special projects – water wells, libraries, construction of development centers, etc. Church groups have adopted the work of our foundation as their overseas mission. But you, the individual donor, have kept our vision alive!  Whether you donate $10 (feeds 40 kids for a day), or $100 (purchases two feeder pigs), or $1,000 (sends 1 student to college for a year), or $10,000 (provides 130 microloans to poor women), your donations make a difference in providing hope and opportunity to those who have little hope and opportunity. You are their heroes! Thank you!

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