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Swine Project Facility Expansion

Date Posted: June 18, 2015

For the year 2015 we aim to increase the number of sows to accommodate the projected demand of piglets from our Micro loan beneficiaries. The monetary grant we received from Hastings Sunrise Rotary Club allowed us to purchase 4 additional gilts for raising. We are expecting that these sows will start to breed after four to six months. This project has great potentials. Through our Micro Credit program (Project Kasaligan), we can easily reach out to the poorest of the poor and offer them this wonderful opportunity to improve their means of livelihood.

The first swine project facility was built in November 2013 and initially housed 2 sows which has reproduced more than 35 piglets in 2014. We are anticipating this project to sustain other ongoing projects of the Foundation in three to four years’ time. Also, as the number of our micro loan beneficiaries increases we recognize the need of expansion.

The grant we received from Rotary District 5670 in Kansas enabled us to purchase the materials needed to start with the expansion. The materials we used are inexpensive such as bamboo for walls and rice hulls for flooring. One important advantage of using this natural method is the absence of irritating odor and the pigs grow in a healthier and conducive environment. We invest on feeds with vitamins and minerals made from natural ingredients. Since the province of Bukidnon is declared by the Department of Agriculture as a hog cholera free region, we only give vaccinations to sows and boars. In the town of Talakag, BigHoop Charitable Institution is the first to have used this natural method in raising pigs. We are getting quite a number of positive feedbacks from our beneficiaries on the quality of the meat compared to hogs raised in a conventional method. The demand of meat as it contains lesser fat is increasing and this has encourage our micro loan beneficiaries to adopt the natural method we are using.

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