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Typhoon Haiyan Relief Operation

Date Posted: July 4, 2014

It was December of 2012 when Typhoon Pablo hit the southern part of Mindanao. Exactly 11 months later another calamity, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Visayas region which is more than twice as devastating as Typhoon Pablo with 2.86 billion US dollars’ worth of damages. So vast is the destruction that it did not only affect the Islands of Philippines but includes China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It is the strongest and deadliest typhoon recorded that hit Philippines. The HELP Foundation through the efforts of Mr. Keith Hooper was able to raise $28,000 for relief operations of the victims. This amount was spent on construction materials, food, medicine, and transportation. In partnership with Rotary Club Cebu North, we were able to offer immediate assistance to more than 100 affected families in Leyte and Cebu. Some houses were also destroyed in the small island of Caubian, Cebu and with the effort of our staff Ms. Thola Saliring, we were able to provide building materials.

(For more information on our recovery efforts please read our MARCH 2014 NEWSLETTER )



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