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Winter 2011 Newsletter

Message from Keith W. Hooper, Founder

cropped-page-1When my wife Pat and I started the Foundation, I had trouble saying no to those in need so we ended up managing projects in 13 locations; some almost 400 miles apart in the Philippines. We spent an inordinate amount of travel time and personal money visiting the projects. My wife very wisely suggested that we focus our work closer to our headquarters because the need is as great in Talakag, Bukidnon as it is in other areas. This transition has been on-going for two years and it has paid off. We are able to monitor 80% of the projects daily instead of monthly. We still have a highly successful feeding program for malnourished children; sponsorship of children’s schooling in 2 areas (as the students graduate from the Manila area, we are adding children from Talakag) ; a viable training and client services program where many classes are offered at our Training Center; a new library at the elementary school and a goat dispersal farm. These are all in the Talakag area. Our work continues with water catchment, livelihood and sanitation on the tiny island of Caubian but on a smaller scale. Our newest and most exciting venture is that of micro-credit which comprises a good por-tion of this newsletter. The goal is to empower the poor and we are providing small business loans to women who cannot get a conventional bank loan. This is all made possible because of your generosity!

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